Marshal Training

Training is a continuous activity for Maritime Marshals as it is critical to ensure that all perform to the required standards before they are fielded for duties. Our comprehensive training and currency programmes include:

  • Security, threat awareness and intelligence.
  • Best Management Practice 5 (BMP5) and relevant ISPS subjects.
  • Weapon handling and marksmanship.
  • UMS’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Anti-piracy drill, Rules of Self Defence (RSD) and the judicious use of force.
  • Occupational First Aid and Trauma Management.
  • Weapons management onboard ships and clearance at ports.
  • Scenario based exercises.

All training are conducted by UMS Training Cadres who are from the SAF Special Forces and SPF Special Operations in realistic environment onboard the actual Ship. The training cadres also serve as Inspectors to audit the performance of the Team during their actual deployment so as to maintain a high standard of operational readiness, performance and discipline.