Maritime Security

Since 2006, Somali based piracy threats have exposed vessels transiting the High Risk Area (HRA) at the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea to the dangers of piracy and the attendant loss of vessels and precious lives. This has resulted in a significant increase to non-operational costs like route diversions, transiting the HRA at full speed, ship hardening and insurance coverage to ensure the continued free flow of global trade.

One of the key challenges faced by the commercial shipping industry us the ability to source the services of credible maritime security service providers to offer protection to their crew, ships and cargo in transit. UMS is dedicated to provide effective and legally compliant maritime security solutions to the commercial maritime industry.

Ship owners should ensure that they do not engage commercial security providers that obtain their arms through illegal sources, are not fully compliant with MSC.1/Cir 1405 and BIMCO’s GUARDCON and managed by unqualified security personnel or mercenaries.