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Universal Maritime Solutions

Leading Maritime Security Consultancy

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Universal Maritime Solutions

Universal Maritime Solutions (UMS) exists to help commercial shipping reduce the impact of piracy and maritime terrorism on our Client’s financial bottom line and well as to ensure the safety and well-being of their crew members and property. Our mission is to protect our Client’s interests and we endeavour to provide the best and most cost effective security solutions to our Client’s maritime security needs. We are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements in the carriage and usage of arms and we trust that once our Clients engaged UMS, all their security and financial concerns associated with the threat of piracy will be transferred to our good and safe hands.

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Operational Capabilities

Mission success is imperative. As such, in every mission, UMS endeavors to organize man, machine and management to ensure operational fidelity and mission efficacy.

  • Full expertise to establish viable tactical plans to achieve the security and protection of your crew, ships and cargo. The UMS Maritime Marshals are equipped, trained and centrally coordinated for effective deployment.
  • Specially selected and security vetted leaders who have been trained in special operations. Employing their capabilities, they will exercise due diligence and respect to human dignity to graduate UMS responses in accordance with the Rules of Self-Defence to control hostile situations.

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Marshal Training

Training is a continuous activity for Maritime Marshals as it is critical to ensure that all perform to the required standards before they are fielded for duties. Our comprehensive training and currency programmes include:

  • Security, threat awareness and intelligence.
  • Best Management Practice 5 (BMP5) and relevant ISPS subjects.
  • Weapon handling and marksmanship.
  • UMS’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Anti-piracy drill, Rules of Self Defence (RSD) and the judicious use of force.
  • Occupational First Aid and Trauma Management.
  • Weapons management onboard ships and clearance at ports.
  • Scenario based exercises.