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Universal Maritime Solutions

Universal Maritime Solutions (UMS) exists to help commercial shipping reduce the impact of piracy and maritime terrorism on our Client’s financial bottom line and well as to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their crew members and property. Our mission is to protect our Client’s interests and we endeavour to provide the best and most cost effective security solutions to our Client’s maritime security needs. We are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements in the carriage and usage of arms and we trust that once our Clients engaged UMS, all their security and financial concerns associated with the threat of piracy will be transferred to our good and safe hands.

Somalia has been ravaged by conflicted since 1991 and born out of anarchy situation in the country is the birth of piracy right in the heart of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. Somalia-based piracy threats have seen significant escalation since then although of late the number of attacks has dropped mainly due to the increased deployment of armed maritime marshals on-board commercial shipping and the provision of escorts by the navies of India, Japan, China and Korea.

Nevertheless, the threat posed by Somalia-based piracy in the High Risk Area of the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden still exists as the root cause that gave birth to this threat has not been resolved and the financial gain from extracting ransom makes piracy a lucrative activity. In fact, the threat to commercial shipping now also include albeit still small but grave risk of maritime tourism, where the loss of life and destruction of property are sought over financial gain.

Our Mission

Toward our Clients:

“To protect our Client’s interests and provide the best and
most cost effective security solutions to our Client’s maritime security needs”

Toward our Duty:

“To provide close protection to ships against attacks and
hijacking attempts by pirates and to ensure the safety of the ship and crew.”

Code of Conduct

The objective of the Code of Conduct is to provide a guide to it Maritime Marshals to enable them to know the standard and behaviour expected of them. Maritime Marshals are expected to be efficient and well skilled to execute their mission of protecting lives and properties and they must be a example of good world citizenship and an embodiment of the values and principles of a free, democratic and civic world.

Responsble for the protection of our clients, client’s crew member and properties against piracy. Marshals must be disciplines not only in military skills but also in the mores of the world community.

At all times, we must remember that we are protectors of our client’s crew members, ships and cargo

We take pride being Maritime Marshals of UMS and in our Uniform, our Discipline, our Work, our Training and Ourselves.

We must be exemplary in our conduct. We respect others and by our conduct and bearing win respect of others.

We are courageous but not reckless. We are devoted to our duty.

We will always apply the principle of the use of minial force and to respect human dignity and the lives of all individuals.

Operational Capabilities

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  • Full expertise to establish viable tactical plans to achieve the security and protection of your crew, ships and cargo. The UMS Maritime Marshals are equipped, trained and centrally coordinated for effective deployment.
  • Specially selected and security vetted leaders who have been trained in special operations. Employing their capabilities, they will exercise due diligence and respect to human dignity to graduate UMS responses in accordance with the Rules of Self-Defence to control hostile situations.
  • Trained and audited regularly to meet UMS operational capability, performing as an individual and working as part of a cohesive protection team. The UMS team’s standard operations procedures (SOP) will be seamlessly integrated with the ship’s SOP to avoid disruption to the Ship’s routine functions.
  • Employing state of the art weapon systems, personal protection and long range surveillance systems for both day and night operations, the UMS Maritime Marshal provides the necessary safety and security to the ship throughout its transit in high risk areas.
  • Fully compliant with the stipulations of all Regulatory Authorities, UMS provides protection while alleviating the complexities of the carriage of firearms onboard ships.