Maritime Marshals

The rigors and constant demands to maintain vigilance and to be on the top of the situation, calls for a breed of highly trained and disciplined specialists. Our maritime marshals are specially selected and trained to provide the highest level of maritime security.

  • Marshals are previously from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Gurkhas from the Nepalese Army. They are the elites and many of whom have experiences in the protection of lives and properties, peacekeeping and humanitarian missions in Irag and Afghanistan.
  • Trained to the highest level of marksmanship, coupled with their ability to effectively employ graduated response to de-escalated threat situations, our marshals are able to apply precise force to exact maximum deterrence throughout the continuum of hostile situations.
  • Well versed with the specifics of ship structures and defence tactics to effectively execute counter boarding by belligerent parties. They will supervise and rehearse the security plans comprehensively with the ship Master and crew to ensure a unified effort.